Behind The OTBL Agenda: The Southern Baptists

Southern Baptist Convention Says School Reform Won't Work

"Today school boards, administrators, and teachers have far less power to determine what goes on within their schools than they did even 10 years ago," Bruce Shortt, a homeschool father, Houston attorney and author of The Harsh Truth About Public Schools, said in an e-mail report. "Instead, most of the power over education that once resided locally has flowed to the state and federal governments, the teachers' unions, and the courts."
Sound familiar? If you follow the information posted at the www.ontheborderline.net site, you will hear echoes of this quote daily. A resolution, voted on at the recent Southern Baptist Convention, urged reform of public education by calling for church members to run for school boards. The resolution was introduce by a leader in a movement advocating an exit strategy from government schools.

Read the about the resolution in Ethics Daily.
Read the actual resolution.

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John Trevolta said...

I think OTBLers and the Southern Baptists biggest fear is that Public
Education may lead to Dancing!