The OTBL Agenda: Agree with us or be called a "Socilaist"

Richard M. Nixon: Socialist Scum?

Followers of the Hudson-based blog www.ontheborderline.net by now know that anyone who dosen't agree with them is quickly tagged as a socialist. Readers of that blog also so know that originality and creativity are not cards in the deck they play with. They pull most of their sources of information from a variety of site and use the cut-n-paste option available in the software package. One of their avorite sources of information is the Ludwig von Mises Institute and an often quote economist attached to that site is Murray N. Rothbard.

In the interest of finding out who else has been tagged with the socialist boogieman, a reader did a little research and found an interesting article by Rothbard on the von Mises site calling Nixon a socialist.

Read Rothbard's article on Nixonian Socialism.

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