Don't Do It Jack Bauer!

We see the local media elites at the New Richmond News have dug deep into their vast corporate treasure chest and are now offering four Minnesota Twins tickets to anyone who comes up with the actual name of the OTBL'ers anonymous blogger, the forever flatulent Jack Bauer. Our mole embedded into the NR News organization tells us that no expense was spared on the thickets. Since they are "knot hole"day tickets, I think our mole meant no expense was incurred.

Here at ATBL, we believe in the power of anonymous blooging. In fact we believe so deeper in this time-honored principle, we are upping the ante to encourage Jack Bauer not to leave his outhouse on anonymity and take the filthy lucre of the NR News. Our offer to Jack Bauer are free tickets to the next Minnesota Viking Superbowl Post Game Party. All Jack Bauer has to do is to remain anonymous and contact us one week prior to the next Viking Super Bowl victory.

At your own risk, check out the Vikings Super Bowl Site.

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