The Fable of The Beavers and The Skunks

There once was a small town in WI where Beavers congregated and said. "Let's work hard together to build a good school for our little one's that they may be even more productive than us. It was agreed and the Beavers worked hard and shared part of the fruits of their labor to build a Great School.

The little ones thrived in the new school, so much so that after their studies they worked together to start a marching band. The marching band was bold and proud so the called themselves "The Marching Tigers".Word of their marching band spread throughout the land, so much so that they were asked to play when a new President was inagurated. The Tigers were the pride of this small town and everyone was eager to support them. Years past and the Tigers grew up and went on to become workers and parents. They didn't seem to notice that the school was starting to need repair and there were more and more little ones that wanted to go there. They were too busy working to build bigger castles with hottubs and jacuzzis.
Some of the Tigers got together and said, "Our parents worked liked Beavers but pooled some of the friuts of their labors together, so that we could become Tigers and raise our own little ones in this land of plenty. We should be like our ancestors.
They agreed, and said YES, we need to build a new school.

But down the road, lived a coven of Skunks. They were newcomers to that town, and brought the wealth they plundered from a neighboring state with them and built even bigger castles and with bigger jacuzzis than those in Tiger Town.
The Skunks got bored with their jacuzzis and needed a new hobby. So they took up the little known sport of "School Board Harassment". They went to meetings and complained again and again that "You are stealing the fruits of our labor to teach the little ones." When that failed they chose one of their own to run for the school board, but he lost. Then they chose 2 (one with a bigger mouth and he lost). On their final attempt they chose the smartest among them and erected signs with rockets to plead their case. They even went to meetings dressed like clowns with with Duct tape over their mouths to make their point.
The towns-folk only thought them fools. Their last attempt to get on the board failed miserably. They lost to four other good citizens yet still claimed victory.
The Skunks said to themselves, "We will never win in this town." Let's go to
Tigerville and stink up their town. One skunk in Tiger town said "Yes come on down."

The skunks had great fun stinking up Tiger Town, they traveled there often
even though they had no little ones in those schools. They only wanted to spray their noxious odor and play their libertarian parlor game of "Let's harass the government schools". On one trip they even unknowingly shared cookies with undercover socialist blogger spy.
But that's another fable.
The Tigers got upset, and the Tiger that ran the local Tiger Messenger said.
Let's find the local Skunk who upsets our town with his secret identity blogging and run him out.
To encourage the other Tigers he even posted a bounty.
To this day, nobody knows how this fable ends but we still learn great lessons from it.

The moral of this fable is. If you smell skunks run them out of town by calling the
good people together and voting them out and stand up against their threats and
name calling. Write letters to the editor and make bumper stickers that say
Support Our Schools.

But if your town is the town they run to...........
Call the Orkin man.

The End.



Drinking to (till) Independence Day said...

I think it is pretty poor form to say you want Jack Bauer dead or alive. Kill this man and get 4 twins tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aesop said...

OK, Let's make it 8 twins tickets, is that better? Come on now for crying out loud. Any fool should be able to figure out that this isn't serious.
I swear I saw a similar poster at OTBL except they don't know how to use photoshop.

aesop said...

And besides it says:
"Let's find the local Skunk who upsets our town with his secret identity blogging and run him out.(of town )
Somebody needs to lighten up out there in the blogosphere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

speaking figuratively said...

Jack Bauer is a fictional TV character and locally he's an anonymous pain in the ass. I don't want him dead, nobody wants him dead. They just want him to shut his big fat cakehole. If you think that damn literally don't drive down any roads with signs that say "Dead End".

aesop said...

There! Now it's funnier.
HEEEEE HOOOOO I'm laughing my A** off.

aesop said...

The following comment was modified because the image link it contained is no longer posted on this blog.
lightened up said...

No, it says wanted dead or alive.

(Image link deleted )

It's so funny to put up posters and offer rewards for killing people! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7/01/2006 6:16 PM

Anonymous said...

Oh hilarious!


A Dean End sign means the road leads to a dead end.

A Wanted: Dead or Alive poster means the person is wanted dead or alive.

Anonymous said...


I see your friend over on the borderwine -- Townwiner -- has no sense of humor about your fable. It's it fun to see the Townwiner forget everything he's learned in his anger management class over a humor post.

Hey, the last time I checked, Jack Bauer was a fictional character on the TV show 24 Hours. Jack Bauer is a regular Gandhi, when it comes to non-violence. Dig these quotes from a 24 Hours episode:

Jack Bauer: Tell me where the bomb is or I will kill your son.
Jack Bauer: You are gonna tell me what I wanna know, it's just a matter of how much you want it to hurt.
Jack Bauer: [Jack has shot and wounded Nina] You don't have any more useful information, do you?

Nina Myers: [weakly] I do...

Jack Bauer: [notices Nina is inching for her gun] No, you don't. [fires and kills Nina]
Of course, the fable was probably tickling the scent glands of the shunks over at OTBL. It's nice to see that they are paying attention and that they can spell.

Isn't one of their regular contributors an official with the St. Croix County Republican Party?

anonomous said...

You know what the best thing is about this place? How "above the fray" you stay. Your arch-nemesis site uses words, which can be hard to understand, you keep it "above the borderline" with classy pictures about putting hits out on people.

Newcomer said...


I love your fable. I also like the pics that go with it. I'm going to
order one of those shirts at
the Discovery Ware shop.

Confucius said...

One picture worth 1000 big words.

Anonymous said...

Notice how they get their tighty-whities in a bundle of a bit of satire about Jack Bauer -- a TV killer? It's funny how peculiar they are...over on the borderline.

anonomous said...

Well, just because a fake TV charachter is his namesake it does not mean he is anything like him. Rather, he is a real person. Whom you had a picture of that said "WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE".

Like I said before, I like how above the borderline you guys stay. Instead of engaging in issues and getting down in the fray, explaining in a civil manner why the other side is wrong--or at least inferior--you stay above it all with some pictures os skunks made in MSPaint. Way to go. You guys are really changing minds around here.

clean you own house first said...


Let's begin the discussion with how "Above" the other side is.
How "Above" is it to confront people you disagree with after school
board meetings and call them "a piece of shit".
How "Above" is it to defend anonymous blogging by threatening soccer moms
by in short saying we know who you are and we would want anyone to get hurt.
How "Above" is it to call your opponents in the middle of the night and try
to lay the blame on people at this blog that have no absolutely nothing to
do with the incident.
How "Above" is it to sit next to a school district candidate during an informal
dinner and videotape them eating for no other purpose than intimidation.
How above is it to write posts to 10 year olds telling them that they can
overcome the genetic short comings of their "Socialist" parents. (This means you
Town Crybaby).
How "Above" is it to devise a cockmamie scheme to tell voters to vote Baker only
because they know that their candidate didn't have a snow balls chance in Hell of
winning without subtracting vote from his opponents.
How "Above" is it to hack into this site and delete it, or send people who link
to OTBL from here to script that locks there computers and tells them they are
"socialist insects".
How "Above" is it to refer to the school superintendent as "2-names no brain second choice".
How "Above" is it call anyone who supports public education a "Socialist" when
that would make 75% of Americans "Socialist" Even your Seperation of School and
State website admits that ,at the most, 25% support your privitazation of "Government"
schools. Reasonable people see them as our community schools not "Government Schools"like
you idiots.(That's pure propoganda and you know it).
How "Above" is it to contact people's employers in an attempt to have them fired
because they don't like their political stand on the issues.
And how "Above" is it to stand outside a school board meeting dressed like a clown,
mouth covered with duck tape claiming public school supporters are socialists holding
a sign that says "We can do better". What has your side done "Better" other than
creating chaos in the process of operating our schools.
It's been stated here and even on OTBL that the "poster" that has you so disturbed
had no serious intent and you know that as well so get over it. You just want to pound that horse
because you have no real agenda other than the destruction of public education and
the intimidation of those who support it. You people have absolutely no sense of humor and your demonstrated it time and time again.

End of discussion>

666 said...


What really would be the sense in trying to have an intelligent discussion with a group of selfish rednecks who praise the Lord in public on Sunday and promote the principles of Ayn Rand's "The Virtue of Selfishness" the other six days of the week?

If you don't like what you see on this site, don't visit here. It's that easy. It's freedom of choice -- a libertarian ideal! Obviously, this site is very effective in getting your goat. You're over here whining about something you don't like. Can't anyone with internet access in the world leave comments at the OTBL site? No. You have to give up your personal information to get that privilidge...an interesting concept for a group of small government idealist. Just another sterling example of the hypocrisy being dispatched at www.ontheborderline.net.

anonomous said...

I do not believe you have to give up any "personal information" to leave comments on that site.

You made your case "clean your own house," clearly calling someone a piece of shit is worse than calling for the murder of someone. Also I think you are clearly above them since you decided that since your facts are so correct, you need not cite your numbers.

As for the political issues and employers... all I've heard is that's its been the leftists doing that. But maybe I just hear wrong. Perhaps I should be reading more that wonderful source of news and information, the New Richmond News. They are all about freedom os speech there. OK, not really. More like command and control of speech and destroying dissent. Close though...

anonomous said...

Oh and "clean your own house first" I do not think whinnning about how "Johnny did X so why can't I do Y" excuses, IN THE LEAST, the Wanted: Dead or Alive posters.

666 said...


You have to leave a phone number. Is that private enough? Why would such a freedom loving band of community change agents keep such a tight lid on the comments section of their blog?

jpn said...

I'll call this, baloney babble for the borderline...

I've been busy this past long weekend and missed this Jack Bauer rhubarb. I find it interesting over at the borderwhine that Townwhiner was quacking about the Jack Bauer Wanted Dead or Alive post on this blog. Of course it was meant to be humorous -- only an idiot wouldn't know that...maybe that explains it.

What's really interesting is that the post Townwhiner cried about was posted on July 1 on ATBL1 and was titled: The Fable of The Beavers and The Skunks. Townwhiner did his sanctimonious post at OTBL bemoaning the post on this site on July 1 also. It was titled: Comments From The Dark Side.

What's really interesting is that Townwhiner himself did an OTBL post titled "Wanted, Dead or Alive." The post was about...you guessed it, Jack Bauer. Of course, his post was filed under the "general" and "humor" headings so the OTBL'ers would know it's humor. Evidently, they are unable to figure out if something is humorous or serious over at OTBL without a label.

Maybe Townwhiner is smoking too much wacky tobaccy and suffers from short-term memory loss and can remember what he posted two days prior? Maybe Townwhiner was just leaving another example of hypocrisy at OTBL for us to find?

Maybe now that Independence Day is over and Townwhiner is off the hooch, maybe his dim bulb will start to glow and he'll see the idiocracy of his ways.
Link to the July 30 OTBL post:


Anonymous said...

Townwhiner seems to have a history of whining wherever he goes. Its everyone's problem but his, in his opinion. I believe the reverse is the case. The same holds true for many other frequent users of "OTBL". All complaints, with a lot of rhetoric, and no factual foundation.
The far majority of people (units as the OTBL see it), would rather see constructive well intended ideas for improvement where improvement is needed, not the "OTBL's" dysfunctional approach.