Jack Bauer Grody to the Max

You know what's like totally cool. I mean like rightwingalicious. It's like
when you like hang out with your friends like, and you like see somebody
like really really really like famous. Well like, that's what like happened
to me like today.I was hanging, and this like big black like truck went
by and like there he was this guy. I mean like he looked just like the guy on the
wanted posters if you could like see his face. Like anyway, there was like
this sign on the side of the truck and and it said. "Jack Bauer and the Pork Rinds: Country Music to Blog By"

I mean like what kind of songs could that be. "I've Got a Heart Full of Hate and a Belly Full of Blogger Lager?" or "Take This School And Shove It" by Aynie Rind or " I Love Texas,
But Hate Taxes" or maybe "A Girlyman Named Sue".
Gag me with a spoon!

So I like told my friend and she said," Like "know way" and I said "like Way". And then she said her mom said like Jack Bauer was like this like old guy who's like really grody who like sits at his computer making stuff up about teachers and stuff cause he doesn't like paying like taxes and stuff. Her mom said that like nobody really likes him and like only like loosers like country music anyway cause it's like grody to the max! So like anyway he like made up this fake like identity to like get like attention. My friend said "Eyuuww that's soooo gross". But I said, like duh!
I mean like it's like working!!!!!!!!

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