A Note For Luke At www.ontheborderline.net

I'm not a frequent user of this Blog, but I do read both Blogs for entertainment. I appreciate that "atbl1" does allow an open exchange of opinions.


You seem to have an issue with me, yet you insist on hiding behind anonymity. I suspect that is due to a deficiency in justification for your comments, and personal frailties. I've freely given my email address (dtrende@comcast.net), and would be willing to communicate with you regardless of how "off the chart your comments have been".

Dick Trende


Anonymous said...

Mr. Trende - if you are really the one making this post and do really wish to engage in a public discussion with Luke, why are you so afraid to do so over on the blog 'www.ontheborderline.net' where the post was made? You have signed up and was given an account on that blog, so why not use it? I, as well as many others, would look forward to having the issues aired between those on that blog and you.

State your case and let the public decide - or do you fear your "facts" may have little merit?

advocatefortruth said...

Mr. Trende,
Before agreeing to engage in anything public with OTBL I suggest you read the article recently posted on here regarding the OTBL "terms of use", I for one also signed up for that blog until I read that statement. Maybe anonymous could have Luke sign up here. (after reading this sites "terms of use" agreement of course.) And I am all for Honest, truthful debate, not cut and paste political grandstanding that seems to be prevalent on that blog. Good luck to you!

I can speak English can you! said...

"You have signed up and was given an account on that blog, so why not use it?"
Did you take English at the Hudson High School or are you a natural ignoramous?

Yes Mr. Trende you was given an account. Isn't you fortunate to be wanted @ OTBL?
My advise! Say what you have to say here. Nobody will be altering or deleting it like some blogs I know.
Plus English is spoken here.