Vern And The Rat Pack Look To A Brighter Future For America

Vernon and the rest of the Rat Pack played a friendly game of pool while discussing real solutions to life's problems.

They understand that, with little effort, the health crisis in America could be solved by providing universal affordable health care for all Americans.

They believe in adequately funding an excellent public education system for all children - to give them a head start and the skills they need to prosper.

They see the need for government to invest in emerging industries to create high paying jobs.

They want to keep social security, medicare and other retirement vehicles strong so that Americans can retire with dignity.

They want to provide decent funding to public natural resources employees, and untie their hands, to allow them to protect our environment they way they know how and desperately want to.

They want to keep labor unions strong in America so that the middle class is not wiped out by a royalty class of 1% of citizens.

They want to invest in alternate energy sources so that we can break away from oil and begin to have a peaceful coexistence with the rest of the world.

Oh, and Dino won the game.

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