Summer Has Been Spotted

As a dedicated bird watcher, I know the the robin's arrival means that spring is just around the bend. But there's an old saying that spring won't come until it snows three times on the robins. Then I see blue birds, meadowlarks, killdeers, herons, red wing black birds. Then you know the spring and winter are definately at the tipping point.

But I'm not convinced till I actually see a Baltimore oriole. On my walk the past few days I knew I hear an oriole. However, catbirds can fool you -- especially if the singing is coming from the mid-section of the trees. I look for the orioles on the top of the trees. Yesterday, I looked out my window at work and there was my first official oriole sighting of the season. When you get a chance, take a walk an listen -- really listen -- to the bird song symphony. It's amazing!

Then I remembered that I had to stop at Fleet Farm and pick up a part to fix my lawnmower deck...

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