Senator Harsdorf Responds

In January, 2005, I wrote to Senator Sheila Harsdorf urging her to vote against TABOR, as an inflexible way to control taxes that actually undermines the state economy, transportation and education systems. She wrote back that she was studying the issue.

Today I received another letter from Sen. Harsdorf that said:

"I am writing to update you on action related to TABOR or TPA, given your past stated opposition. TABOR/TPA was a proposal to add revenue and spending limits into our state's constitution. On May 4, the full State Senate rejected two versions of TABOR/TPA. I voted against both versions of TABOR/TPA, because I do not believe fiscal policy details should be put in our state's constitution."

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Anonymous said...

What I found interesting is that Sheila actually responds to individual letters, instead of just returning form letters. like Feingold, Kind, and Kohl.

When I wrote to Kohl against a bill that he supported, Kohl had the audacity to use the same quote that I had used against the bill in his support of it. It was obviously a form letter, and showed that his staff had only read my letter to tally it up in the "nays" column.