Jack Bauer Looms Over New Richmond Superintendent Morrie Veilleux.

New Richmond School District Superintendent Morrie Veilleux is ready to roll up his sleeves and begin work on a building referendum. The New Richmond News reports that under Morrie's leadership three facilities referendums were approved in the Clayton School District. Morrie states that he is up to the job of passing a facilities referendum in New Richmond that's much larger than any he has dealt with in Clayton. “I think I understand the process,” Veilleux said.

Morrie's most constance supporter is 'Jack Bauer' on the OTBL blog. But, dear Jack says: "The only reason to build anything in New Richmond in the near future may be to permanently replace the portable wing at East Elementary."

I see a conflict brewing. If Morrie rolls up his sleeves and tackles the big referendum, will Jack still be his big supporter or, instead, drop him like a hot potato and undermine his efforts??

I'm looking forward to finding out.

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