Dr. Bill Misquoted...

The following misquote was distorted from the writings of Dr. Bill "Lil Bill" Danielson from one of the chapters in progress of his litter-airy boat anchor tentatively titled "War and Peas." You can try and follow his path of confusion at the www.ontheborderline.net blog site.

Concerning the topic of Group think, On 8/30/2005, Lil Bill wrote:

"So, can a group think? Of course not that is why we start the www.ontheborderline.net blog site. Only really wordy guys like me can think and seriously use the cut-n-paste function on a PC, and only redneck individuals with IQs borderlining on room temperature and acting in their own selfish interest can anonymously slander everybody who disagrees with them and significantly make confusing and irrational acts - and the government school's adherence to the antithesis through "Heterogeneous grouping" and "cooperative learning" is evil. I say this because I belong to a small, misguided cult of guys who don't work for a living and therefore have lots of time to type nonsense on the OTBL blog site why the the wife is out earning the family's only visible means of support. This lack of spousal oversight gives us the chance to weave of John birch Society paranoia into conspiracy theories that tag the Marxist/Statist boogie man on everybody who doesn't agree with us. It should be painfully obvious to all, this is precisely what is going on...

One can scratch their ass in the voting booth until the cows come home with complete and total righteousness - until the above aforementioned prerequisites are met. Remember.....Socialism Is Evil and don't tell my kids what I'm up to on this computer."

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