Borderwhiner Bob Ziller Feels The Pain Of The Rich.

Beverly Hillbilly Ziller on OTBL joins the Wall Street Journal editors who are feeling sorry for rich people today.

WSJ Editorial: "House and Senate GOP conferees finally agreed yesterday on extending the 15% tax rate on dividends and capital gains for two more years through 2010. This means you can expect lots of media and liberal rhetoric about 'the deficit' and 'the rich,' but the real news is how well these lower rates have been soaking the rich to fill government coffers. Federal tax receipts were up for the first seven months of Fiscal 2006 through April."

Egads, the Republicans are soaking the rich (right under our noses) by cutting their taxes! Thanks for the warning WSJ and Ziller! This atrocity must be stopped!

Ziller, you and Mr. Drysdale better lobby Congress for even MORE tax breaks!

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