Frank Lasee Opposes Blue Collar Coming To Wisconsin

Wisconsin Representative and Right-Wing-Nut Frank Lasee says: "Wisconsin is in danger of becoming the next Wississippi – a state with mainly middle to lower income people, where the ever increasing demand for services, and the taxes that support them, outpaces the ability of the citizens to pay for those services. Wisconsin is seeing a net increase due to migration. This in-migration was mainly middle and lower middle income families and individuals. The problem is that most of the people moving in were likely to be middle or lower income without college degrees, while those moving out were more likely to be higher income – business owners, investors, people who create jobs, pay high taxes and often give their money to good community causes. Wisconsin has less wealthy people than the average state and this situation is getting worse, not better. We provide a high level of government services that are enjoyed by many and have to be paid for mainly by the middle class. We are chasing the rich out with our high taxes on them."

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