True Blue Crimes


prankster said...

Oh sure, now that the HSO website readership is up 1000% because of this story, you jump in just so you can get more hits on your blog.

Don't you see that this was just a harmless prank? What's all the fuss? Boyz will be boyz, I always say. Give them a pat on the head for being such great team players in organizing this raid, and then send them off to be the leaders of tomorrow. Society will thank us in the long run.

I just hope that someday my kids can be such great team players.


666 said...

Personally, I'm all in favor of boys being boys. There comes a time when boys become men and that is when they pay for their mistakes and understand there are consequences for their actions and those consequences may impact their opportunities further down the road.

I've been there, done that and learned from it. I'm sure their were some who had the chance to participate in this vandalism and choose not to. Life is a matter of choices and so these boys will learn as the transition into manhood.

Maybe the peanut gallery justice system that has sprouted up in Hudson needs to get life. A life that starts with search their own soul. A little soul searching will show you that you ain't perfect, your kids ain't perfect and your shit stinks like everybody elses.