Hail Damage Extensive: OTBL Blames Government Schools

Approximately $ 1 Million in damage is the estimated price tag of damage incurred by St. Croix County property owners from a severe storm system that rolled through the area last week. Sightings of 3" or baseball sized hail were
common along with significant damage reports.

The crack Meteorological Ivestigated Team from the "ontheborderline.nut weather blog channel immediately released a statement placing the blame on governments schools and their statist policies. "In a truely laissez fair economy, hail could never have grown that large or become that plentiful, as the invisible hand of the market would have curtailed further growth as soon as hailstone supply outstripped demand. "
The OTBL statement went on to demand that felony vandalism charges be brought against local area government school students who mercilessly pummeled the area with the 3" hailstones .

"These students are adults and should be made to take responsibility for their actions. Dropping
hailstones of such an enourmous size over several area counties can only be seen as a malicious crimminal act and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."
A spokesperson for OTBL concluded saying: "There's little or nothing of negative consequence
that ever happens where blame cannot be traced, directly or indirectly back to the monopolistic government school system. If only we had free market schools, events like these would cease to occur."


The Ice Man Cometh said...

Maybe some OTBL entrepreneur could gather those hailstones up and sell them as ice cubes on the internet.

Ron Paul George Ringo said...

My car broke down on the government highway on account of the gol darn government potholes. I think the borderliners are right, everything should be blamed on the giverment.