Breaking NEWS!!!

The Borderline Book Club announced today that is has sold 1 more copy of
"The Price of Sin".

Elma Erikson ( long lost cousin of "Price of Sin" ( available at a borderline bookstore near you ) co-author Faux Dr. Bill ) in an exclusive interview says: " After reading the scintillating interview with the book's co-author at ontheborderline.nut, I just had to go out and buy a copy. I remember my Great Great Uncle Adam bragging and name dropping down at the The Side Tap Trap, about hanging out with Abe and Sarah just before the War (Civil that is ). Everyone knew that Uncle Adam told these whoppers just to get attention because he never really accomplished anything of any worth on his own. When my cousin Faux Dr. Bill told that story about our family in his interview, I knew I had to get the book just to bring back old memories of my eccentric Great Great Uncle Adam."
With the publicity machine churning at ontheborderline.nut, publicists for the book say it's likely
they may even sell another copy this month.

We now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.

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