Fatherly Advice Overheard Ontheborderline...

"Son, the next time one of those conspiratorial government employees driving a squad car stops you for running a stop sign, just say 'What stop sign?' When he says, 'That one back there,' you tell him that you thought that sign stood for 'Statists Thieve Our Possessions.' If that don't get you off the hook, tell him I'll write him a letter."

Mr. Peanut


goober said...

Dear Mr. Peanut:

Wouldn't it be more effective if you just made an anonymous threatening phone call to the officer in the middle of the night? Or maybe let your dog get the squirts on his lawn? Just don't do it when attending a public meeting or you'll get hauled away to the pokey!

Your admirer,

CANRAC said...

Sounds like a plot or personal vendetta to me. Then again I've heard drivers ed in the government schools isn't the best.

Kowboy K Kurtass said...

I've heard that the school is trying to save money and have combined driver's education and sex education. Classes are being held in the back seat of the driver's ed car.