Set Yourself Free - Get Your Fake Degree

"We're not real Doctors but we play them on our blog
www.ontheborderline.nut to inflate our already gigantic egos."

The names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Author Biography

Mark Alan Bubonic holds a M.A. degree in Economics from the Gomer Pyle School @ the University of Alabama and a B.A. in Economics from Florida Southern College. His career over the past twenty years has been involved as a legalized gambler in the equity markets, the greatest supply and demand Casino in the world. Mark’s interests are farout and wide off the mark, but Rightwingnut Laissez Faire Economics and American Revisionist history are his scholarly passions. Those passions have led to extensive writings regarding the basis of Libertarian Lunacy. Mark currently resides in Wisconsin along with his Big Red Dog Clifford. ..~.. Daniel Erickson received his MBA in 1989 from the University of Wisconsin system -Martel Campus. He is former Senior Audacitator for a Un-Fortunate 100 Company and currently an independent audacitating consultant (read as "unemployed" ) . Mr. Erickson’s vocations and interests are wide ranging from ski mask blogging and unicycle racing to study and writing in the areas of Ayn Rand Objectivist crackpot philosophy and Von Misean Laissez Faire economics. Mr.(not a real Dr. ) Erickson has been a leading advocate of Wal-market education reform in Wisconsin, proposing such novel ideas as the "Give me my Friken Money Back Educational Tax Credit". He is an author of a brazillian blogsphere articles, both under his real name and under thinly veiled pseudonyms. He resides in a secret unrevealed location under the witness protection program.


need-a-wipe said...

Where can I get a copy of that POS book? I'm all out of toilet paper!!

Vanity Press Inc. said...

I'd wait for the fire sale at the Borderline Book Club!. They may even pay you to take one off of their hands.
If these guys had jobs, you'd think they'd loose them for padding their Resumes.
Of course if their Great Great Grandpa started the Republican Party, they must come from a breeding line where integrity is a vise and greed a virtue.

You'd think a guy with 2 degrees in Economics would realize when he made a bad investment in this book deal too! LOL

C student GWB said...

You guys should have more respect for
these author's superior intellektigence. I don't see you calling each other Dr. 666, or Dr. Ink Stained Wretch Ph.D. or Dr.s of Sociality. As far as we know the only
degree you have could be the turd degree.

SHOPMAN said...

I can kinda see why you all at ATBL deal with the OVBLers. It is very tragic that they think like this and one should fight fire with fire. It's their way or the highway. You can either go John Kerry and ignore the Swift Boat attacks or take them on word for word. I used to believe that if you ignored them they would go away. NO LONGER. I'll fight them word for word. Keep it up you ATBLers.