Alderdude Implicated

Two stage hands die after Rolling Stones Spain gig

"I did turn on the Rolling Stones before leaving for a breakfast appointment downtown Hudson, and I did leave a window open. (No, there were no speakers in the window. This was just an iPod sitting on a table in an iDock, and loud enough to be hear but no blaring.) I left my cell phone number with Mrs. Snow and asked that Mr. Snow call me and I would return home to turn off the music, but first we would discuss the overnight noise issue."


Fri Jun 29, 9:08 AM ET
Two workers died on Friday after part of the set from a Rolling Stones concert collapsed on top of them as they were dismantling it, emergency services said.

A third man was seriously injured after four people fell from a 33-foot structure that gave way as the team helped take it down after Thursday night's concert in Madrid.

A white-haired man with thick glasses carrying a boombox, who goes by the name of Alderdude, was seen hanging around the set at about 4 am the previous morning. Residents of Hudson, Wisconsin are asked to keep a look out for the man at City Hall.

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