Borderline Book Club Warehouse Attacked - OTBL Points Finger At Teacher Union Thugs

Shortly before 3:00AM. Neighbors in the Borderline Book Club Warehouse district were awakened by an enormous Boom!

They subsequently learned the The Borderline Warehouse had exploded in a fireball of flames. Members of the Borderline Bookclub were said to be devastated by the event. It has been learned form ATBL investigative sources that all 20 copies of the recently released best seller "The Price of Sin" had been stored in the clubs warehouse. Despondent authors Bubonic and Erikson could not be reached for comment however a spokesperson for ontheborderline.nut stated. "This is obviously the work of local teacher union thugs and government school supporters." Hudson firefighters called to the scene of the explosion and fire were unable to extinguish the blaze and dismissed the incident as an unfortunate accident, they then proceeded to Dick's Bare to celebrate with a few ice cold blogger lagers.
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The remaining copies of "The Price of Sin" were immediately discounted in a effort to recover a small portion of the vanity press expense incurred by the authors.

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