Congratulations! Bob Ziller!!! On The Road To Borderline Infamy

Although it's early in the year, members of the ATBL staff have unanimously decided that it will be impossible to top Bob Ziller. Our premature speculation has thrust of Bob Hope Award on Mr. Z. Once again, Mr. Ziller has been trashed by his fellow blog mates at www.ontheborderline.net for exercising his rights to free speech in the currently edition of the New Richmond News. Ziller is being slapped down by the OTBL high priests of hypocrisy for coming out in favor of a new policy adopted by the New Richmond that restricts participation in the open forum portion of the district school board meetings to members of the school district.

In his letter, Bob Z. wrote the following:

"What I like about this is that it keeps outside agitators and those who think they know how to better run a school district...Let them come in and help pay for the schools for the right to the open forum."

Read Ziller's complete letter.

OTBL posterchild, Playswithhistoy Roy, curtly blogged about Ziller that he is "one of the most conflicted individuals residing in the St. Croix Valley. It is obvious that this rule applies to certain individuals from Hudson who have taken the opportunity to speak at some of the New Richmond meetings...Get a grip Bob. If you’d spend a little less time going to lunch with the superintendents and a little more time being concerned about freedom and liberty you’d be a lot better off."

Spiritofbigproboscis, in his weizen condition, pays Ziller a tremendous compliment, when he scribbles, "If you and the other residents of New Richmond are willing to bear all costs for your government schools, then the rest of us will gladly shut-up. I know James p. Nelson has attempted to use other identities when writing; I have to wonder if Ziller is not really Nelson."

Of course, this is not the first time Ziller's "fellow" bloggers have compared him to greatness. In a post on 9/17/2006 titled "Will The Real Bob Ziller Please Stand Up," poster Clueless wrote of Ziller, "How on earth could this be the same person? Either Jeff Holmquist is impersonating Bob in the paper or the Marxist Blogger is impersonating Bob on this blog."

Ziller is good, but he ain't that good. Ziller is quite a cat, but he's no James P. Nelson. Before posting this, I checked and noboby attempts to "use other identities when writing" on these local blogs. I know I certainly don't.

You go Bob!!!


Jack Benny said...

Whose Ray?
Shouldn't this award be the "Bob Hope"

jack benny said...

Now that's more like it!

Anonymous said...

Freedom is a very good horse to ride; - but to ride somewhere. You seem to think that you have only got to get on the back of your horse Freedom, and ride away as hard as you can, to be sure of coming to the right destination.
Matthew Arnold

Penny Pincher said...

Then there is the question, why did the Scottsman ride his horse backwards?

The answer: Because he lost a nickle in the oat bin.

Dirty Penny pincher said...

Then there's the OTBL crowd who ride backwards with a pair of rubber gloves on digging for the nickel.