Add more fiber to your corny political arguments!

Available at free markets every where. Just ask the minimum-wage-single-mother-of-three-working-two-jobs-since-her-husband-deserted-her clerk for directions for the aisle with the fruit cakes and nuts.


Value Shopper said...

I tried this On The Borderline Brand
Ad Hominem corn once. It tasted like crap. I should have eaten the can instead.

CANRAC said...

It made me crap.

The same kind of crap Luke is spewing in his latest plea for people to cancel their HSO subscriptions. Amazing how this ass clown has continually pushed for people to cancel, but yet knows every word in it. Since we're discussing crap its obvious he's talking out of both sides of his ass.

All the news that's fit to line your electronic birdcage with said...

As usual! He's made it an artform.
Rumor has it he's even bought extra subscriptions so that he can have some in his back pocket to unsubscibe too.
Somebody check with HSO to get some stats on how the OTBL unsubscriptions drive is going. My bet. More people have signed on to get HSO than dropped since the OTBL boycott began.
Thanks Steve Dzubay! Great Work.

Remember that OTBL's mission is to replace HSO and this area's community news source. HA!!...........
Whoa! I almost died laughing... but I'm O.K. now, thanks for asking:-)

CANRAC said...

Be careful with the hard laughing if you ate the corn, you'll shit your pants.

ATBL Admin said...

Please refrain from using phrase like "shit your pants" on this blog. We would prefer you be more sophisticated and use phrases like "Luke your pants" or "carnac your caprees."

CANRAC said...

Did you know the corn is available at many 24 hour grocery stores. You can stop in late at night, pick up a few cans of corn, and make a threat phone call on the payphone. This is after your buy an HSO and securely wrap it in a plain brown grocery bag so nobody knows you read it.

Adam Pithy Smithy said...

This OTBL boycott of HSO is a great idea.
Has anyone ever heard of a boycott where you just buy from the same product from a secondary supplier of to make a statement?
Leave it to OTBL. Like buying HSO at the grocery store is going to lessen their distribution numbers and drive down ad prices. For a bunch of economics geniuses
the brain trust at OTBL sure is stupid.

Roadkill said...

What is going on here?

Virually every post on this website is an ad hominem (Latin. 1. appealing to one's prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one's intellect or reason. 2. attacking an opponent's character rather than answering his argument.) attack on OBTL.

If OBTL is so close-minded, why can't you rise above that level and discuss the issues in a meaningful way? Why is every post a silly and sophmoric jibe at the alleged failings of OBTL?

This website will never appeal to thinking people as long as it is formatted in the way it is.

Engage the beast in the arena, and stop throwing spitballs and sarcasm from the safety of the cheap seats.


666 said...


A review of this blog will provide you evidence that attempts were made to engage the beast on numerous occasions and perhaps that will happen again. However, it looks like it will be spitballs and sarcasm for the time being.

Thanks for defining "ad hominem." I believe we've encountered that phrase a number of times. There's plenty of blogs out there that are trying to save the world from the mark of the beast. We've settled on poking a stick into the beast's cage.

Maybe you could sign up at OTBL and provide so fiber in their diet?

Comic Culture Warrior said...

Well Roadkill,

Why don't you start the discussion with defending a group that "boycotts" a local paper by purchasing it's product from a different distributor?
Besides, what is OTBL's argument? The same as every other Libertarian wacko, government bad... Privatization Good.
That's it in a nutshell. (pun intended).
There's no point in trying to have intelligent debate with people who are convinced they possess the holy grail of all earthly wisdom. So as 666 says, we poke them in the eye in hopes that they may someday realize their blindness.
As far as I'm concerned OTBL is a cancer that's sapping the life out of every community effort it aims to destroy and is in need of radical radiation therapy.
One more thing. If you'd take the time to look slightly below the surface of the sarcasm and satire here, you'd recognize that often times it's addressing many of the issues OTBL takes thousands of unintelligible words to discuss. Political satire has been in "thinking persons" publications for at least the last 100 years, probably more. So I for one will not apologize for that form of commentary.
OTBLers are more interested in proving how brilliant they are by using big words out of context than communicating a reasonable point of view. If you haven't noticed, great communicators they are not. If they were, they'd have sold their brand of koolaid to more than the handful of posters over there with multiple blog identities.

Roadkill said...


Well, yes. I would have to agree with you regarding your assessment of OBTL; it is a shrill cacaphony of libertarian platitude and condecention. They preach to their choir and do not want to hear from those who disagree with their particular brand of anti-government individualism. And I do not contest your assertion that their posters are an inbred crowd; I suspect their readership is of a similiarly thin make-up. Your pun -- intended or otherwise -- is apt.

But I don't buy your slight of hand that characterizes ABLT as political satire. ABLT is almost exclusively purile sarcasm, replete with silly cartoons and sillier commentary. My point is that I think it could do much better with a reasoned and intellectual approach to subjects at hand.

The fact is, I no longer visit the OBTL website, for it offers nothing meaningful for me or, I think, any other serious or reflective person. And I say that as someone on the center-right side of the political spectrum. Just as there are internet "fever-swamps" on the left, so too are such on the right -- and OBTL is one such site. Both types are dismissive of criticism or commentary, and both reduce arguements to bumper-sticker assertions of "we are right; those idiots are wrong." With no substantive arguement or discussion, neither contribute to our understanding issues of importance. And neither merit the time or attention of serious people.

Blogs and Internet discussion fora are tremendously useful media for expanding the knowledge and awareness of public-minded citizens. My advice to the editors of ABTL is to take the time to fully research, discuss, and persuasively advocate your positions, and by all means continue to welcome commentary and dissent from those who might take issue with your views.


Comic Culture Warrior said...

Well said Roadkill,

Perhaps the admin here should give your last comment here serious consideration.
You, as an advocate of less sophomoric discourse should probably email the admin with your ideas for posts.
Often times the admin will post items
"from a reader". In time you might ask the admin to make you an official contributor, that way you will have direct input in changing the less than serious nature of this blog.

Sarcasm and buffoonery have been here long enough to be a tradition. I doubt they will disappear. However, maybe a more serious examination of the issues of the day would be a welcome addition.

Comic Culture Warrior said...

Or, you could follow the lead of the ATBL founder when he was told he couldn't comment at OTBL and he should
"Go start your own blog".
The rest is history.