OTBL's Watchdog "Mascot" Fatally Injured in School Bus Tragedy

Bloggers blame government schools.

Internationally renowned Blog Dog "Mascot" died Friday. in a tragic School Bus accident. Witnesses say, Mascot was chasing the bus, as he did everyday, when suddenly, the bus stopped to pick up passengers and Mascot slipped on the icy road and slammed into the rear of the bus causing Mascot's fatal head injury.
An OTBL spokesperson, who would only identify himself as "Junkyard" said... "Yeah, we trained Mascot to chase the government school bus, but we never thought it would lead to this. We blame the government schools,"
Police say, icy road conditions contributed to the tragedy, but thankfully no children were injured.
Other OTBL members, refusing to be interviewed on camera for this report claimed.. "This was no accident. We will prove that the conspiratorial School Board, Police Dept. and Hudson Star Observer are behind this.

"We've enlisted the private services of Colombo and McGruff, the crime dog to investigate the
circumstances of this incident and we will not rest until it's perpetrators
are caught and punished."

Memorial Services for "Mascot" will be held at Dick's Bar.
Mascot will be laid to rest in the OTBL Pet Cemetery.

The family asks that memorials be made as gifts to the
Von Mises Institute.


Steve Malloy said...

From the looks of Mascot's grave and considering that it's January 2007, there must be global warming or, should I say, climate change.

Maybe I'll have to reconsider and give Exxon back its money.

Canine Comrade said...

I will always have fond memories of how
"Mascot" greeted OTBL visitors with that
vicious growl. I'm going to miss the ol'
Do you think the borderline kennel keepers fed "Mascot" Ol'Roy, or just the
Ol' Roy bag?

The Pink Panther said...

The reason Mascot growled like that was because he got his nuts put on the blogosphere auction block. You'd howl too if your jewels became part of a welath creation package.

Triumph the insult comic dog said...

I will miss that mascot dog fellow.
I once made him my bitch behind the e.p. rock school during your "hot air affair."
The grave site looks perfect...Perfect for me to POOP on!!

POS said...

Talk about getting the turd degree...

Pensive Poodle said...

In dog years "Mascot" had a good long life.
I think it was fate that took him home
early. If he'd gotten older and wiser than his OTBL Masters he probably would have turned on them. Things are better this way. Sad, but true.

Former OTBL campaign advisor said...

Isn't that Tombstone a little opulent for that mutt?
Where's the duct tape and old plywood when you really need it?
Talk about a waste of capital assets!!

Ken L. Mutt said...

Last time I saw Mascot he had the runs. He must have had some health problems sback then. I blame the Ol' Roy crap they were feeding him.
Some guy with a pink headband was walking him in N. Hudson without a scooper. I feel sorrow for Mascot. If I had a master like his ..... oh well, Mascot's in a better place.