Bush promises to bring a surge in participants to ontheborderline.net!

"Our children are turning into blathering idiots."


(Commenting on tonight's State of the Union address -- which he says he didn't watch. And just think, in 2004 he had quality seats for the President's visit to Hudson, Wisconsin.)

Definitions of blathering:

talking idly or incoherently; "blithering (or blathering) idiot"; "jabbering children"; "gabbling housewives"; "a babbling hospital inmate"

It's my humble observation that "blathering" would fit 99 percent of the posts done by spiritofpublicus. One of his blog buddies told that "spirit" is a super intelligent guy. He writes some very intellectual pieces. However, spirit's fellow blogger added, I don't know if I've every figured out what he's talking about so I rarely finish what he's written.

As you can see below, there is still hope for idiots in the free market...

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In the Spirit said...

From the OTBL "Spirit" Code of Conduct:

1. Always use either big or obscure words, like statist, pithy or nary to confuse the reader thus giving the impression of great intelleckigence.

2. Never post less than 1000 words insuring that readers will never finish reading your post and leaving the impression there's something beyond their understanding that they never had the endurance to get to.

3. Confusion is your ally. Use it Liberally in a Classical sense.

4. Season profusely with Freedom and Liberty.

5. Always condemn government as evil.

6. Always wear your wig and 3 cornered hat while blogging.

7. Prepare you comments on parchment with quill and inkwell before committing them using sissors and paste to electronic medium. This will insure they contain the Spirit of 1776.

8. Complete blogging BEFORE making late night threat calls.