The Spirit of Ignorance

The Spirit of Ignorance
from Ontheborderline.nut

"I personally can’t recall any great advancement that the Hmong culture has bestowed upon mankind which would require more than a passing footnote in some obscure social studies book."

The Truth of History:

After the Geneva Conference established Laotian neutrality, North Vietnamese forces continued to operate in southeastern Laos. North Vietnam established the Ho Chi Minh trail on Laotian territory and supported an indigenous communuist rebellion the Pathet Lao to help secure it. The Ho Chi Minh trail was designed for North Vietnamese troops to infiltrate the Republic of Vietnam and to aid the National Liberation Front.

To disrupt these operations without direct military involvement, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) responded by training a force of some thirty thousand Laotians, mostly local Hmong tribesmen along with the Mien and Khmer, led by General Vang Pao, a Hmong military leader. This army, supported by the CIA contract airline Air America, Thailand and the Royal Lao Air Force, fought PAVN, the NLF, and their Pathet Lao allies to a standstill, greatly aiding U.S. interests in the war in Vietnam.

Here's a newsflash for YOU Spirit of BS.

The Hmong fought real Communists in the jungles of Laos.
You fight imaginary communists behind your basement keyboard in your skivies .

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