Lenin Dies (01/21/1924)

...and so do another 61 million more because of him.

Probably 61,911,000 people, 54,769,000 of them citizens, have been murdered by the Communist Party--the government--of the Soviet Union. This is about 178 people for each letter, comma, period, digit, and other characters in this book.
Old and young, healthy and sick, men and women, and even infants and infirm, were killed in cold-blood. They were not combatants in civil war or rebellions, they were not criminals. Indeed, nearly all were guilty of ... nothing.

Some were from the wrong class--bourgeoisie, land owners, aristocrats, kulaks. Some were from the wrong nation or race-- Ukrainians, Black Sea Greeks, Kalmyks, Volga Germans. Some were from the wrong political faction--Trotskyites, Mensheviks, Social Revolutionaries. Or some were just their sons and daughters, wives and husbands, or mothers and fathers. And some were those occupied by the Red Army--Balts, Germans, Poles, Hungarians, Rumanians. Then some were simply in the way of social progress, like the mass of peasants or religious believers. Or some were eliminated because of their potential opposition, such as writers, teachers, churchmen; or the military high command; or even high and low Communist Party members themselves.

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Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (April 22, 1870 – January 21, 1924), was a Russian revolutionary, a communist politician, the main leader of the October Revolution, the first head of Soviet Russia, and the primary theorist of the ideology that has come to be called Leninism, which is a variant of Marxism.

Lenin biographical information.

Man-made famines and millions of deaths by starvation.

The first man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine 1921-1923. Much has been written in recent years about the man-made famine that ravaged Ukraine in 1932-1933 and caused the deaths of 7 million to 10 million people. This is in stark contrast to the largely ignored famine of 1921-1923 - the first of three famines that Ukraine's population has suffered under the Soviet Communist regime, and a famine that, contrary to popular belief, was not caused by drought and crop failures, but by the policies of the Soviet state.

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Roadkill said...

Pure Agitprop; you should be ashamed.

Lenin introduced 20th century totalitarianism, complete with secret police, disappearing dissidents, forced labor camps (gulags), and a centalized econonomy that stifled entrepreneurism, decimated agriculture, and led to widespread want and famine.

He also laid the social and political groudwork for Stalinism, which resulted in further repression, mass starvation, a short-lived alliance with Nazi Germany, and eventual invasion and depredation by their pact-mates, the Germans.

Tens of millions died in the wake of Lenin's Fools Errand of establishing a Socialist/Communist utopia.

Why anyone would honor his memory is beyond reason.


Admin said...


You're absolutely correct. Sorry.


This is why OTBL's claims that anyone to the left of Lew Rockwell is a Communist are so ludicrous. The radicals over there
try to paint anyone who does't agree with their razor thin point of view as Communists when they know for a fact that
those claims are outright lies.
I'm sick of it!!! They intimidated people around here for long enough! It's time to aggressively fight back. It's time for their 21st Century McCathyism to be thrown on the funeral pyre.

Roadkill said...


Thanks. I'm unfamiliar with your sources for what you have posted, and some of the statistics are surely exaggerated, but its much more in line with the historical record than what your original post might have suggested. And while I do not feel the anniversay of Lenin's death is anything to celebrate, his legacy is a grim reminder of the dangers of totalitarian statism.


What in the world are you talking about?




I'm certain that the original post "celebrating" Lenin's birth was a misguided reaction to accusations made on
Often, when ridiculous accusations are made about those associated with this blog are made over at OTBL, the reaction is post something that
exaggerates their claims to an extreme.

For example. OTBL claimed that because
there was a link to the Communist Party
of America on this blog, that bloggers here are all communists.
There's a link to the John Birch Society too. Why didn't OTBL make the claim that bloggers here were John Birchers.
I'm just trying to point out the ridiculous nature of OTBL accusations.