McGruff Suspects Foul Play in Mascot Case

OTBL wasted no time in getting McGruff the Crime Dog hot on the
trail of the evil doers in the "Mascot" case. McGruff, arrived in town this morning interupting a 30 city tour of Wal-Mart Stores to join the Mascot investigation.

McGruff's second stop after OTBL Stone Pine headquarters, was the Sheriff's Dept. There McGruff hatched a secret plan to infiltrate the government schools in order to ferret out the perpetrator of Mascot's untimely demise.
One theory speculates that a government school student was dropping doggie treats out the bus window to distract Mascot from the school bus' sudden stops. McGruff suspects students in the 3rd Grade Socialist Studies Class of being indotrinated by the government school curriculum and then plotting to erradicate the wealth creating class of Hudson entrepenuers. (Keep this under your crime hat.... but little Johnny in the blue shirt on the left is a "person of interest".)

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Inn Da No said...

Yes, ebaybee was telling me about the doggie treats being dropped. She said members of the elected conspiracy known as the "school board" has ordered all children not caught having sex on security cameras to drop these treats out the window whenever the pass a man wearing a pink headband walking a dog.

I also found out that the treats have 0 trans fats. I haven't been able to learn if those treats contained floride. They probably do.

We'll have to ask Curt. He knows everything. If you don't believe me, just ask him.

Oozing Life said...

Say that McGuff character in these pictures. I think I saw him riding in a gold-plated Cadillac. He must be a teacher or a teacher's spose.

I've been following him around and I'm waiting for him to drop a turd so I can get it analyzed. We had that threat letter analzed and our analysis turned out to be shit. Using Dr. Bill's logic, if we have the shit analyzed, it might turn out to be a threat letter. He's is frigging brilliant. WIth that brilliance, he could be a rich capitalist if he ever got a job.

More 4 Food Thought said...

I saw McGruff in town too. But he was standing near a dumpster with a GOP feedbag on! He looked hungry.

Admin said...

Let this be a warming! I don't tolerate trash talk on this blog.

More 4 Food Thought said...


Do you mean no more trash talking about a pair of fictious dogs?