HSO Changes Policy

Over a year ago I made a comment that the only reason On The Borderline bloggers have sex is to produce enough additional bloggers so the two guys doing all the post at OTBL won't have to remember five anonymous names each. I suppose the hope is to help populate the idiocracy that is OTBL...sort of like what Jim Jones was shooting for in Jonestown. That might also explain their addiction to Kool-aid...

Comments by OTBL blogger Spiritofwetmypantsicus more than makes my point. "Spirit" told a reporter that his gerbil was inspired by the sight of OTBL blogger Car-nac running around the house wearing a pink headband with a fist full of his favorite nuts. There is one problem, Max Fill's gerbil reported him to the social workers. Maybe the gerbil would like to theorize what happened to what happened to the crayons used to print an infamous letter.

The toilet paper tube chew talk around Carnac's gerbil's cage must get pretty, well, depressing...considering all the bullshit generated there.


overhead in North Hudson said...

Sue: “Curt, are you blogging in the bedroom?”

Curt: “No.”

Sue: “Then why did you bring your three and a half inch floppy in here?”

Curt: “C’mon Sue, tell me you’ll love me for the rest of your life! Tell me you’ll love me for the rest of your life!!”

Sue: “OK, OK, I’ll love you for the rest of my life! Cross my heart and hope to die!!”

Curt: “Sue, what are these little nuts between your legs.”

Sue: “Oh, those are my tits.”

Curt: “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, Darwin! Oh, Darwin!”

Sue: “Curt, I think you need to get to church once and awhile.”

Curt: “That was great Sue. Here’s $20.”

Sue: “Great, now I gotta find $10 change.”

Curt: “Oh shut up and get me my gerbil.”

Dr.Liberty said...

Now Curt, you know what happened last time you used the gerbel without the tube. Messy messy.

It really is sad that ontheborderline lets the same 3 people post garbage on their sight which encourages people to mock them at this sight. Hey, I know. Chris over at ontheborderline could allow comments from all the taxpaying citizens of this town....
Yeah right.

Anyway, I heard Marion and Curt have big plans (well, in thier case slightly undersized plans) for each other tonight that include a pink head band, some duct tape, plywood and some peanuts...Make that salted peanuts.
Ouch, that may sting.

visciousventor said...

You mean a two people can have sex togehter? And I thought all along the God gave me two hands so that when my one hand got tired from having sex I could switch to the other. That explains why I frequently have two black eyes.