Barack Obama gets the Swift Boat keel-haul slander right early

A current post at the local blog -- ontheborderline.net -- is an early attempt to Swift Boat Barrack Obama. What better target for the late-night torch beares of the right-wing radicals than a bi-racial man with an Islamic name! I read this post and when right to Snopes.com to check on its authenticity. The OTBL poster, Bob Ziller, does ask for verification of this information. He's been alerted that it is false. Snopes.com is an excellent site for debunking the rumors and slander oozing about the Internet.

Let's see if they retract this post and/or post additional information explaining the false accusations of this post. Or is that only the local newspapers that are held to that standard?

What Snopes.com said:

Origins: Barack Obama, 45, served as an Illinois state senator for several years, and in 2004 won a seat representing that state in the US Senate. Etc. etc.

Read the truth about Obama at Snopes.com.

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Be very afraid said...

Looks like the Republiwimps have identified who they need to be afraid of for the next few years. It's good to read garbage like this coming out from the right-wing. It speaks volumes about how scared they are of their shrinking position in the new world order. Ziller is a perfect example of the kind of dope who will actually try to believe this type of propoganda. Mr. Ziller - better sleep with one eye open from now on. The Barack Obama Boogeyman is coming to take you away, away!. Be afraid. Be very afraid Ziller. Har!