A Borderline New Year's Toast

Mad Dog 20/20
"The Whine of the Century"


Kowboy Kurtass said...

Beautiful! Drinking a bottle of this gives me the inspiration to threaten who needs threathening in the dark of the night. Yeeee Hawwwww!!!!

Two Thumbs said...

Watchdog, I think you need to take some photoshopping lessons from Max Fill over at OTBL. His "Absolut" bottle was a thing of beauty. He used his widdle scissors and glue stick just like he learned in Kindiegarten.

Watchdog Watcher said...


I hate to admit it, but Max (Full of it) was my inspiration.
I'll be back with more original
material soon.
For now I'm just enjoying my Mad Dog and keepin within my budget. I hear MD 20/20 goes good with scrap plywood and old paint.
Just wondering?
If I watched them drink a hole bottle of Mad Dog, would that make me a Mad Watchdog watcher? or a MadDog WatcherDog?
Things is never what they seem here on the borderline.

CANRAC said...

I can drink a little higher grade stuff, I just say "screw the budget" and dip into my slush fund.