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"As an institution dedicated to excellence in education, Brookfield Academy is continuously searching for and selecting what appears to be best in everything it undertakes. The founding philosophical pillars of classical liberal education, free market economics, Judeo-Christian monotheism, constitutional limited government, and individual freedom with personal responsibility are exemplified by the Academy's Five Stars: Intellect, Heritage, Truth, Individuality, and Character."


"The Hudson Education Monopoly Foundation went balls to the walls and has helped to equip a class at EP Rock..with balls. Seems that the newest fad in education is for the kiddies to sit on balls, write on balls, speak and spell on balls, and in a couple of years they’ll be taught to play with their balls… Hell, who needs a new school - we got balls! Yippee, more entertainment for the 9 year-olds. Anything to shock these now num skulls into learning the multitude of abstracts being introduced prior to any reason or rhyme… Balls. What next, sacks? I mean, really. You can’t have balls without a sack of sufficient size to accomodate… We could use the sacks over on Vine to opine for more balls. God, this has all gotten soooo inane (I recently learned that word…..inane)."


Ya You betcha said...

Dean Knudson: "I have a link to ontheborderline.net because I think it is well worth regular reading."

Profile of Hypocricy said...

OTBL "Our View": "One can read Dzubay's editorial and no where in it is
there any reference to the name of Mr. Kilber's website. Moreover, there
is no reference in Dzubay's writing to note the numerous, compelling,
well-written and intellectually challenging posts that have been
published on this blog over the last several years."

I won't say what articles the "balls" one would "compel" me toward.

CANRAC said...

I'm really lost now. An OTBL post refers to last nights school board meeting as an "illegal closed door meetings". My research shows the meeting was properly posted. My research shows that the board went into closed session to discuss contract negotiations, perfectly legal. Unless the poster knows something else was discussed in closed session, why is this termed "illegal closed door meetings"? Paranoia continues to exist.

Golfbag O' Wind said...

Par for the course @ OTBL

mike hammered said...

Yes canrac,
It is paranoia.
And a healthy dose of "If we call it illegal enough times, people will believe it!!"