Max Full (of it) Discovers Solution to Energy Crisis

By the sheer power of his lack of imagination, Max Full (of it)
has inadvertently found the solution to this area's energy woes.
Using advanced mathematical calculations (discovered by the ancient Greeks)
Max has invented the perpetual Hot Machine/Manure Spreading machine.
The Max Full Bull 5000.
Guarded with the same security as Luke's real life identity, Max's secret Hot Air Formula has been ferretted out by our borderline agents from behind enemy lines and will be revealed for the first time here.
Take 1/2 Dozen nuts. Soak them is cheap whine ( MD 20/20 preferred )
Roast them over an open fire stoked with old plywood and barn paint. (Vote No side up ).
Season with Faux Rationality from the Dr.s of Liberty Nonsense Emporium.
Stir in 1/2 bag of Von Mises Pieces and let settle.
Chop one Ayn Rand Rind and spread conservatively through out.
Ignite with vicious rumors and false accusations of collaboration with Communists.
Bake in oven till half done.
There you have it. The perpetual HOT AIR Machine.

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