Two Brothers by Lance Corporal Sean Higgins

From a dead sleep the most chaotic week a life has
ever seen-
two men, indirect fire
bank gave way
Euphrates river
current too strong
gear to heavy

Two men, dressed to kill
on a mission to deliver
a letter-
explaining how 'they did one's best'
Serving an unnecessary cause,
but necessary to them,
for things of Country and Corp run deep in their now
ice cold veins

Two mothers,
receive two flags, neatly folded
changing life ever after
Tears of-
depression, and
pride fall-
from lost eyes

Two brothers.

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Norseman said...

The legacy from George Bush. Money...Oil....Big Business. How many were upper calss??
Who cares about the dead and maimed? Who cares about the out of control medical insurance? Not Bush!!