A Bird of Pray


Please keep up the good work. You are the best entertainment value in Hudson. Every day you make me laugh until my sides ache with the stupid and ridiculous things you post on OTBL.

If you only knew how far your assinine accusations are from the truth, I think even you would laugh at yourself.

So, please, please, please, keep posting @ OTBL. The more the better because you're helping the cause of public school supporters more than you can imagine.

You keep blaming the the "Teacher Spouse" Bobs for what I write. I've told you before that you're a fool and don't know what you're talking about. I'M NOT A BOB. Get it through that thick pink headband of yours.

Your Pal,


dontreadonmecuziamshort said...

I have heard rumor that some guy in Hudson, Brian somebody. Was it Brian Coors, no maybe Brian Budwieser, some type of beer for a last name. Anyway, this Brian has been spreading lies all over Hudson that a certain Bob Muchlinski actually controls how the "20 Million dollar slush fund" is spent. Seems he also used a lot of nasty language while holding a vote-no sign the night of the election vote. Since Bob M. is not a school board member,and in fact has been very critical of the school board of late, how could he control the finances of the district??
But Brian (schlitz?? no thats not it) must be right, where there is smoke there must be fire. Anyone who talks as big as he does must be really smart. Just ask Marion who enjoys deep throating the mic at school board meetings.

Ad Homi Obama said...

This Brian Beer Guy...There's a couple possibilities he's could be either Brian Moose Drool or
Brian Pig's Eye.

I guess Brian Beer guy figured out that Bob Muchlinski holds the purse strings on the slush fund after $4.5 Million worth of easles, oil paint and conte' crayons were delivered to his wife's art classroom.
Now the High School can justify building a new Modern Art Wing just to store these supplies. Whenever Muchlinski's
confronted about this he just "brushes it off".

But Brian Moose Drool is too brilliant to be fooled by this arguement cause he's set up a 24/7 surveillance network
maned by OTBL "meatheads".
When that next $800,000 shipment of watercolors comes in, he'll be there to throw a wet blanket on it.

Muchlinski, we demand you hand over the reigns of that slush fund to some upstanding "concerned citizen watchdog taxpayer defending John Bircher" so it can be returned to it's rightful owner and they can afford a case of Pig's Eye, OR ELSE.

Pap Smear said...

I think I saw this Brian _______ on
TV. He's part of that Iraqi "Blue Ribbon" commission.

muchlinski said...

Pulling the strings of the school district from my secret lair and controlling the $25 million slush fund (yes, it has grown an additional $5 million dollars because of my shrewd investment in the burgeoning nut and cutting board sector), is just the first step in my quest for world domination.

In fact, this week OTBL Luke stated: "An example of a Government Greedist would be the constant babbling of the spouses of local teachers (Bob Baumann and Bob Muchlinski to name a couple). They really want you to believe that they are speaking out for the 'common good,' when in reality they are running cover for the biggest and most powerful union in the country." This comment begs some questions: If the teachers union is really the biggest and most powerful union in the country, then why does it need a couple of Wisconsin hayseeds like Mr. Baumann and myself to protect it? And how exactly are we protecting it, anyway? And who are we protecting it from? Luke? A no name, no face, no balls, squeaky mouse that sits at his computer all day dreaming up conspiriologies?

Well, I certainly hope that Brian Blue Ribbon or Luke or someone gives me the real scoop on this, because I'm beginning to enjoy the raw power I have by being in control of so much around here.

Next stop, I take over the Hudson City Council! Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa (sinister laugh).

Billboard White washer said...

"Next stop, I take over the Hudson City Council! Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaa (sinister laugh)."

Not if that guy with the puffy red face
who had huge signs all over town has anything to say about it. You're going to get in over your head. Just stick to holding the purestrings of the Slush Fund
and nagging the School Board get that High School Built.