No Information Is Enough To Satisfy Him!



Bad Boy said...

Hey, a couple years ago I called up HHS to see if I could get my records and they said sure. I told them the year I graduated, my name and I received it in the mail two days later.

All they kept on file was the transcript of the classes I took and the grades I received. There was no mention of the trips I made to Mr. Heiting's office, the times I was suspended for three days, detention, etc. When I asked about all the stuff that was going to go down on my "permanent record," the lady laughed and said there isn't any permanent record.

PS: I've always wondered why they kick you out of school for three days for screwing around. Real punishment would have been to make you sit in the princial's waiting room for three days.

kalvyn clean said...

Ah, the good old days, when detention was something to actually be scared of...