OTBL 2007 Resolutions

Top Ten OTBL Resolutions

1. Create more enemies than last year.

2. Complain about taxes until they actually do go up not down.

3. Demand that all District school buildings be named after Ronald Reagan.

4. File requests for information demanding details of Steve Dzubay's contract.

5. Learn to say "I hate taxes" in 5 new languages

6. Use less internet ink.

7. Hold WI Blogger Alliance Summer Blog Bash at new Pukatorium.

8. Find way to claim OTBL got a billion hits.

9. Find uglier scrap wood for Vote No signs.

10. Move out of Hudson Tax Hell


Letterman said...

11. Use the thesaurus (I got for Christmas) in my OTBL postings so everyone will think I'm really intellecktigent!

Anonymous said...

12. Increase the number of innocent communiy members slandered and increase the volume of whining when rightly put in place.

CANRAC said...

Identify at least one new plot every month generated by local government or the media.

Mikhail Ivanovich said...


It's all one big conpiratorial plot against OTBL. They just have to find new perpetrators each month.
How 'bout the Rotary Club for starters?
Feb. - YMCA
Mar. - The Salvation Army
April - H&R Block
May - Hudson Soccer Association
June - Hudon Boosters.

I don't want to hog all the fun. See if you can fill in the rest.

CANRAC said...

July- public work employees that hang the banners

August- Boy Scouts of America

September- FEMA

October- League of Women Voters

November- Junior Acheivement programs given in the schools

December- Chamber of Commerce

Crest Kin said...

January - Girl Scout Cookies (an obvious conspiracy to drive down the nut sales.)

June - Badger Blog Alliance Whine Fest (maybe this year Chris of the North will host the fest in so government park in Hudson and will be invite for some friend talk on blogging and peace and loving your neighbor.)

Tourism Bureau said...

I think the new Hudson Dike Pavilion will be ready in time for next summer's Badger Blog Alliance Whine Fest. The city is going to be installing multiple security cameras out there, so we can watch the BBA'ers on closed circuit TV. Tune into Channel 15.