Increase your word power in 2007!

Endorsed by all six of the bloggers at ontheborderline.nut!

Are you tired of having to address concerned citizens attending public meetings with phrases like "Get out of my way you piece of shit."

Does it look like you're the "I" in "idiot," when the best shot you can blog about the opposition is calling them "socialist scum."

You can change all that in 2007. With this simple little book, you can expand your vocabulary to an impressive level. Before you know it, your friends will be commenting on your ebullience and complimenting you on you equanimity.

No longer will your canoe trips be ruined by your toothless, snuff-juice dribbling hillbilly blogging clan members calling you an ignorant redneck. Soon they will recognize you as a sesquipedalian winebibber who obviously is a saxicolus penultimate.

Words like "statism" and "parapraxia" will drip from your lips like honey on a hot summer day. When your neighbor tells you you are a "frigging fruitcake," you be able to confidently correct him and point out that you'd prefer to be called an "anomalistic callipygian."

Act now, supply is limited. If you order by July 4, 1776, you can be on your way to becoming a proficuous sesquipedalian for the parsimonious price of $6.66. If you purchase this before the next school board election, will throw in a roll of red, white and blue duct tape -- perfect for wearing outside you neighborhood polling place.

Does it work? Read on...

"After reading this book and putting these words to use, the spelling checking option on my computer started on fire!"
-- Luke Car-Nac
(three of the six OTBL bloggers)

"I'd give it two thumbs up, except I've already got two thumbs up my accoutrement."
--Max Fill
(two of the six OTBL bloggers)

"It's got to be good, it wrote it."
--Lil Bil


Little Bil said...

Are you making a socratic reference? Or perhaps you are attempting a sardonic expression by referring to something other than, and especially the opposite of, the literal meaning. Then again, you could have been attempting to illustrate an incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result. Frankly, the facts bely your rhetoric. Furthermore, are you engaging in a self-serving scheme of rehabilitation by taking an unwarranted, inaccurate and incredibly oversimplistic pot shot at OTBL?

I see that no where in your posting is there any reference to the name of Mr. Kilber’s website. Moreover, there is no reference to note the numerous, compelling, well-written and intellectually challenging posts that have been published on OTBL over the last several years.

Clearly, you are a piece of sheet.

Dr. Spiritofsesquipedalianism said...

Is your spell checker broken?
Let's use proper English here.
The proper spelling is

Thank you, I'll return to my dungeon now.

Kowboy Kurtass said...

Only a piece of socialist scum shit would be so knit-picky about one's use of big words. I didn't say anything about being able to spell.

Linguistic Society of America said...

If you only knew how vaniloquent you appear, you'd never open your mouth again.

Kowboy Kurtass said...

Oh that's so easy for you to say. I will always open my mouth, because my hoof needs a place to be stucketh.