Why Borderline Mommas Don't Go To The Government School Parent -Teacher Conferences

Conceived in a gas station bathroom, and born in the back of a station wagon in the Bowlarama parking lot on league night. This little honey was raised on the four basic food groups (meatwiches, oleo, government cheese, and beer).
ossessed of an I.Q. that makes her ancestors proud, she is the first of her family to make it through the third grade. She would have finished the fourth if she had not made the mature decision to stay home with her first born son.

lso a model working Mom, even after a hard day gathering carts at the Honk & Holler, she still finds time to carve and fry the Christmas Bologna.

"When Momma heard about the "Free Market", things got a whole lot better at home."

My sister got a doll that looks just like Momma! You can get one too! Order here:


Lawerence the television hookup man said...

We got one of these for my step daughter from my wife's third marriage and it's been great. It wernt two days before she was playin' house with my boy from my second marriage and fetching him pretends beers or other libertarian shit like that.

Whuz U daddy said...


The Founding Fathers would shu-nuff be proud of you'en your kin.
Keep an eye you youngin's "house-playing" though, (if you know what I mean ).