TRIM - The Concentrated Conservative Diet Drink

The New Year is less than 24hrs. old and your Resolution to to trim your taxes by 90% is in jeoprody already. The Evil Socialists are once more ready to pick you pocket clean, and it's all because of Democracy.
When will people learn the truth, that our Founding Fathers feared Democracy as much as the tyranny of the King. Curse those evil democrats. They think they can make decisions limiting our freedom, just by winning an election?

But don't dispair. The enterprising alchemists at Trim have concocted an elixer that will brain wash even socialists faster the honey drips from your sweaty fingers on a hot summer's day. Slip that Socialist neighbor of yours an ice cold can a TRIM at you next holiday barbacue. He'll change his tune faster than you can switch his radio dial from the Prarie Home Companion to the Rush Limbaugh Show.

Order a 6 pack of TRIM today at: DemocracySux.com
or call the Trimline direct at 1-666-No-Vote.
Our Holiday Special's been held over this week only:
Get A free misinterpretation of Jame's Madison's Federalist Essay #10
with every six pack purchase. Order today, You'll be glad you did.

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