Visciousventor Angry Over Loss in Elementary School "Naming" Contest

The results are in. Believing that there was no good reason to wait for the results from the polls on tommorrow's referendum, the Hudson Socialist Club, forged ahead with the "NAME THAT GOVERNMENT SCHOOL" contest. The ontheborderline.nut bloggers contributed a number of worthy suggestions including;

The Ronald Bernth Young Skulls Learning Center

The It Takes A Kommunity Elementary

The Hudson Area Early Years Group Sensitivity Rearing House

But the judges decision was made and is final.
The new Government Elementary School will be named.

St. Croix Meadows Elementary Government Indoctrination Center.

The Hudson Socialists couldn't hide their glee over the new name.

For viciousventors reaction visit ontheborderline.nut

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Grover Norquist said...

My name is Grover Norquist, and I'm on the committee to name everything and anything after our beloved former President Ronald Reagan.
I demand a recount and that the new government school be named:
The Ronald Reagan, Teacher Union Busting Academy for the Advancement
of Laissez-faire Capitalism.