Breaking News: Naysayers Concede Defeat Prior to Opening of Polls.
As reported today on our sister news outlet MS-WOTBL, Hudson's Naysayers have conceded defeat in tommorrow's school building referendum. Perhaps hoping to get an invitation to the "YES" voters Victory RAVE scheduled at the Hudson Golf Club, OTBL.Nut conceded that hundreds of Hudson's Socialist Elite had been succesful in robbing and theiving to take illegal tax money from Hudson Residents to build a new Government School.
Reflecting on their inpending loss, the Naysayers took stock of what went wrong with their campaign and compiled a TOP TEN list of items to that lead to their defeat and vowed to correct them before their next attempt to tear down public education.

Top Ten Reasons OTBL Bloogers Couldn't Stop Hudson Socialists From Raising Your Taxes.

10. Carnac's turban was too tight and contricted blood flow to his brain.

9. "Banner police" allowed illegal message to be displayed to 10 downtown voters.

8. Lack of snow made Yellow "Yes" signs stand out more than illegal "We Can Do Better"
Naysaying signs.

7. Luke's cell phone was "on the blink" curtailing his late night threat calling.

6. Dr. Bill ran out of internet ink to post his 700 page thesis on the "Evils of Government

5. OTBL Admin. sunk into deep depression after bloggers who passed the rigorous background
check started cursing on his blog.

4. SpiritofBS was confronted by the Spirit of Christmas Past and voted "Yes" for new school.

3. Taxboy forgot to charge battery for his video camera.

2. Jack Bauer went "missing in action".

1. Karl Rove reneged on promise to manage the "Naysayer" campaign.

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CANRAC said...

OK, here is my top ten excuses the whiners will come up with. I'll give my true opinion reasons after the results are known, but I am predicting a "yes" win.

1) The Banner; of course this is a plot by the City of Hudson, the city administrator, the mayor, and other officials who are "in bed" with the school district. We will never get a true definition of "in bed" but it will come up.

2) Blame[choose one] A) City of Hudson, B) Hudson Township, C) North Hudson, D) Troy Township for developing so many new homes and allowing so many[choose one] A) liberals B) democrats C) yuppies to move into the community.

3) Those dang people in North Hudson who approved the village hall addition on the regular election date. Don't they know "building fever" is highly contagious.

4) False or misleading information from the school district. Never mind that the "no" campaign is filled with misleading or false information.

5)Illiteracy; Nobody could read our "no" signs that we were holding, they simply guessed wrong when voting.

6) The teachers union, the WEA, the State of Wisconsin.

7) The YMCA; their leadership seems to get things done and built, the school board had a "ringer" in getting on of the Y people elected.

8) Luke or Carnac; He just pisses people off, he possesses the ability to get people to vote against whatever he/she stands for. The best weapon the "yes" people had.

9) The Hudson Star Observer. Until the OTBL bunch is allowed full editing powers prior to printing, the newspaper is no good.

10) Senior Citizens; If they have saved their money, can live decent on a pension, and are financially smart they did something wrong or had a government job. If they vote yes they have too much money.