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Borderline Blog Indoctrination Video Discovered Near Government School Dumpster

(Parental guidance alert: We warn viewers that this video comes extremely close to displaying full-frontal, cartoon nudity. If this were shown in a government school class, members of the John Birch Society would be up armed with duct tape at the next school board meeting. Of course, while they were protesting with duct tape at the board meeting, their kids would be seeing much more significantly more real cleave on Desperate Housewives. Of course, you can always click on the Google "images" using the words "big boobs" and find the real thing. Not that we would encourage that on this blog, but the options is there and it was really easy to add the link -- so I did. Just don't mention this to your teenage sons, because they will laugh at you for being such a dimwit and start questioning why you spend your days at home TIVO-ing Clifford The Big Red Dog.)

How to plant you John Birch trees.

How to convert Rush Limbuagh pod casts into skunk lure.

How to make Kool-aid just like Dennis Miller.

How to drink Kool-aid just like Sean Hannity (without hitting your head on the bottom of Dick Cheney's desk).

How to become a do-nothing know-it-all and still complain about not getting enough sleep.

How to live with utter nonsense.

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