And the winner is....

The community and the future of Hudson public education!!!

According to the results posted on the Hudson School District site, the school referendum passed by 129 votes. Is was close enough for a cigar!!!

At times like this, it's always good to look back...


Boris said...

Super funny!
Dean Knudson on uncommoninsight.com rips the vote no crowd for not putting up more effort. Funny because besides a few posts on his little read blog site he did nothing in public to join his buddies from otbl in thier anti-community war on everyone from the mayor to the police, to the schools, to the local bank managers.
So if I was the villiage of north hudson idiot who wrote 5 straight letters to the editor saying "we can do better" I would be pretty mad at Knudson for sitting on the fence while I spray painted all the old plywood signs by myself.
The vote is in....

Tiger said...

Hey it's easy to vote no against a tax increase. There is a large portion of the taxpaying population that will exercise their right to do so all the time. As one new comer with kids in elementary and middle schoolexplained to me yesterday, this will be an ongoing battle. The new people will want the facilities, but the old timers don't want to pay for them. The old timers will always be looking back to the good lod days.

I believe it took two or three referendums before the current high school was built. That was taking place back in the late 60s and earlyh 70s. Time may pass, but the basic leanings of people stay pretty much the same.

You can make fun of the North Hudson letter writer for his persistence, but people I've talked over the last couple of weeks were quoting his facts and figures and using them as reasons to vote against the school. I think the Yes Group will have to learn to lean less on the emotional appeal and more on the numbers.

cub said...

Tiger, you're right Weese, no matter what anyone says about him has been successful in creating this stigma against the district. This referendum was a no brainer and for it to only win by a tad more than 100 votes tells you where our community is at.

I didn't know that about two or three referendums on the current high school, however if we can barely build a elementary school on the back of a 12 million dollar referendum how do we think we can build a high school that will hold 2000 students?

I will vote yes on any high school referendum however that Catholic High School better get here quick to provide some relief because I just don't see it getting done.

666 said...

A couple of points.

1. I don't live in the Hudson school district, but a co-worker who does and voted Yes said that her taxes went down $200 from last year. Is this what you Hudson district people have seen? If so, I wonder why the OBTL'ers haven't posted anything on it?

2. What kind of capacity issues do River Falls and Somerset have? If they have space, wouldn't it be possible to send high schoolers from the sout of the district to RF and the north to Somerset. It would be a sort of forced open enrollment.

New town Yes voter said...

I just checked with the county and the city 2 days ago to get a figure for my taxes. They don't have them yet because they're waiting on figures from the state. I was told exact taxes won't be available until Christmas.
However, they did give me a ball park based on home value. At near $200,000 they estimated the same or slightly lower than last year.
It was really poor timing to come out with the re-assessments when they did.
Many people may not have investigated to see what this would mean for their taxes and expects a 40%-50% increase. This just isn't the case for most taxes will remain the same. I did hear that the "old town" section will see increases because of the re-evaluations.

CANRAC said...

Yikes, I forgot all about good old Luke's words on how the referendum would go down in flames. Luke has to be very disappointed in his comrades and fellow citizens today. I'm wondering if he remembers posting this and how big of a fool he really is?