The Banner's Back In Town!

Swarms of outraged citizens demand “Yes” banner remain on display.


666 said...

Think about this banner question rationally. The school referendum is a political issue. Like an election, it gets decided by the voters. The question of who and what the city rents banner time to my not have come up in the past. It seems to have been used for non-political announcements.

The "Vote Yes" banner may have hi-lighted something that hasn't come up in the past. Do you think they will let the local Republican or Democrat rent space to hang banners that say "Vote Democrat in 2008!" Or "Vote For Kitty!" I doubt in all seriousness that we will see that or would want to see that.

If Mr. Type-A did go down to city hall and give his spit-shower rant of intimidation, it would help to explain the lack of success in his camp. Likewise, it would show that his method of point presentation through verbal intimidation quickly turns people off to the issues being debated.

Isn't there an old saying about caztching more flies with honey? I've also noticed that flies hang around turds too.

biased guy said...

666, I think that the City should be allowed to hang any political banner it wants, as long as I agree with it. Otherwise, no way.

CANRAC said...

Hey, I felt the "dumb carnac post" alarm go off so I checked it out. Good old dumb a$$ Luke posted a picture of the banner I didn't get to see. This might make me vote yes.

I guess the banner story will be good if it comes out, goes up and then comes down. Why?

The only thing bad about the banner is that the negative nellies can add this to their list of plot reasons why the referendum passed. Another reason they can deny that overall the majority of the community was in approval.

houdini said...


Does this clairvoyance gene run in the
CanCar family?

I have to admit, sensing a Caranc post is a valuable skill to have when looking for employment.

CANRAC said...

Only for public employment with cadillac benefits which I don't have, so I guess the gene isn't there. Maybe the fact that its desparation time for the naysayer group, at least I got to see the banner. I'm sure this will be a topic of discussion for the next year and that a forensics expert may be consulted on who actually made the banner.