Bechtel IBM Coke Exposed ~ Morally Void Corporate Greed & Their Dirty Politics

In this clip, corporations like Bechtel, Coca-cola and IBM are all exposed for their insatiable greed that trumps all else. Bechtel, you should know, was founded by John McCone, who was also Director of CIA in the 1960’s. McCone then became chairman of ITT Corp. which in turn funneled money into the CIA to wage a take-over of Chile in 1973. On 9/11/1973, the coup killed thousands of non-violent political enemies including democratically elected President Allende.

Today, Bechtel and ITT both receive millions upon billions of no-bid Iraq War contracts.

Support major corporate reform. Our future may depend on it.

For the full feature and other videos on this subject, visit www.archiveoflight.com.

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