Borderline.nut Entrepreneurs Blame Lack of Capital for Referendum Loss

WOTBL-TV commentary by Max Fullofit.

Remember, the ontheborderline.nut Capitalist Cookoo Crew are Hudson's wealth building elite.
That's why they blame "poverty "for their referendum loss.
A borderline spokesnut added " You don't get wealthy by being generous, or wasting money on things like political signs. Cost cutting is a way of life, this side
of the border!"


This Old House said...

What kind of idiot would pay $50 for an 4'x8' piece of gargage like that?
And these people call themselves businessmen?

Cato said...

I think those 65 people who could have voted 'No' and thus turned the election the other way, if these numbers are indeed correct, were influenced by the banner on city hall.

AndyRand said...

Absolutely CATO:
This kind of unconstitutional mind control by the local big brother agents needs to be curtailed by imposing upon these evil doers the appropriate and rightly justified punishment of the comfy chair.

CANRAC said...

I think they are forgetting the guy they hired to check spelling.

Boy, complaining about being outspent is one excuse I forgot to predict and I should have seen it coming.

How about lost wages for the ninnies that stood outside holding "no" signs.

ninnie watcher said...


I don't think any of the ninnies have jobs. Why do you think they can spend half their week blogging, filing information requests, and being general nusances? I doubt it cut into their "wealth building" either.