Post Election Day Colonoscopy

I suppose there are better days to get scoped. Making the appointment three months ago, I didn't think about it being the day after the election. That may have saved me from a big hangover.

Sure the Democrats had a big night and many things went right. Considering all that, I was disappointed that I slept through the Sean Hannity radio show today. I've been listening to the White House's favorite lapdog over the pass few weeks as he beat the drum of panic and urged his listeners to get out and save the world from the evils of having Nancy Pelosi two heart beats away from the presidency. Three weeks ago, Hannity was urging his listeners to not vote -- unless they were thoroughly educated on the issues and the prospects of the outcomes, i.e., voted Republican. The worry was having his knuckleheads actually staggering into the voting booth and voting for a Democrat.

So it was with great sadness that I missed Sean Hannity's radio show this afternoon. I was sleeping off the medication use to sedate me for the colonoscopy procedure. So after sleeping it off this afternoon, I checked Hannity's website before supper to see what was up.

Not having heard the outcome of the Montana and Virgina senate races, I was pumped to see that the Democrats might take control of the Senate. I bet that old Sean Hannity, if he was having a colonoscopy tomorrow, wouldn't need to drink the Evac-u-quick to clean out his colon. His bowels have probably let totally go. In his case, I'm sure he's designed with a colon that runs straight from his brain to his boxer shorts. I'm sure he's filled with disdain...not to mention another big stain on his Spongebob boxers. Hillary Clinton could become the head of the Senate.

Anyways, Hannity has a poll on his website that highlights what a lapdog, choirboy he is for the White House and the shrinking ranks of Republican who sit on his lap and talk into his mic. Here's a link to the poll pictured on the left. Checkout it out, cast your vote and help clean Sean Hannity's colon.

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