The Wisconsin Democrats have again organized a statewide, county by county legal team to oversee the election and to assure full compliance with the election law, including registrations, and to provide emergency legal assistance if necessary.

In 2004, while there were some incidents of voter suppression in other counties, St. Croix County was relatively problem free.

Tomorrow, if you observe any of the following, please give me a telephone call 715.222.5414. Monitoring will start at 7:00 a.m. and run through the closing of the poles and the counting of the votes:

a.) Any evidence of organized GOP of voter suppression.
b.) Any problems that may arise with voter registration, electors being turned away, etc.
c.) Any voter "challenges" which may occur in your precinct.
d.) Any electioneering occurring at the voting location.
e.) Any excessive long lines of voters, and any arbitrary cutoff of voters who were in line to vote before the poles closed.
f.) Any overly aggressive GOP voter monitors who may be intimidating pole workers.
g.) Any voter machine malfunctions.
h.) Any other activity that gives you cause for concern.

William J. Radosevich
County Counsel
St. Croix County Voter Protection
Cell: 715.222-5414
Office: 715.386.8234


truth sayer said...

The other day I was speaking with a person who told me that he is acquainted with some school board members that have been followed, and harassed by some of the outspoken members of OTBL. The harassment has been to the point of physical intimidation.
I find that interesting.... haven't there been several posts by some of these people that seem to have the same propensity, in their comments on this blog? It appears to be a reflection on how they do business.

One Who Knows said...

They like to confront you in the dark. Call you late at night and blame it on someone else. Call you work place and threaten your job. The concept of intelligent, face-to-face discussion doesn't work well with a group of type-A personalities who are ALWAYS correct...or else.