OTBL's Citizen Joe shoots off NRA talking points

With the Wisconsin state senate switching to a Democratic majority, suddenly a silencer has been put on Wisconsin's conceal-and-carry debate. Try as they might, the NRA Dump Doyle campaign didn't work. In fact, it probably backfired. Gone is Congressman Mark Green, gone are state senators John Gard, Dave Zein and Ron Brown.

Meanwhile, over at www.ontheborderline.net, Citizen Joe has popped up again to carry the revolver for the NRA. What's interesting about Citizen Joe -- an this is his standard pattern -- his prose lack originality. Notice how CJ's post titled "a NRA Perspective" starts out:

"On November 7, 2006, the American electorate took out its frustration and anger on the Republican Party and turned over control of Congress, not to mention governors’ mansions and majorities in several state legislatures, to the Democrats. Importantly, however, on a day that saw voters expressing dissatisfaction over conduct of the war, over political corruption and over competency to govern, Americans cast their votes for record numbers of pro-gun candidates, both Democrat and Republican."

If you ever wonder where CJ comes up with his hard hitting prose, stop by the NRA Institute for Legislative Action website. You will notice their post starts out "On November 7, 2006, the American electorate took out...."

It's interesting that CJ/NRA mention that there are pro-gun Democrats and Republicans. This shouldn't be a shock to anybody. Although I received a couple pre-election fliers questioning John Murtha's opponent's stance of gun and hunting issues (Kerry Kittel evidently didn't fill out the NRA survey), there is not evidence that there is any push from, or debate within, the Democratic Party to take away guns or reduce peoples hunting rights. This is NRA folklore being passed on to it's declining membership to get members to pull the voting lever in favor of the big business guns and ammo business concerns that snuggle so deeply in the Republican Party sleeping bag.

In fact, if you have evidence and/or proof that the Democrats are trying to take away guns and/or hunting privileges, please post info and links in the comments section below. I must add that I don't consider the vetoing of conceal-and-carry a move to take away people's guns. I see that passing conceal-and-carry laws helps to increase the sale of guns, ammo and accessories without increase personal safety.

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