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Cato said...

This election was most excellent indeed.

AndyRand said...

Are you serious? I thought it most super excellent, but I never thought you would?

Cato said...

Of course it was super-excellent. The neocons are out of power and will probabbly die. I am not a neoconservative. Rummsfield's resignation is a first of many shake ups at the White House and Capital Hill.

Some humble pie will make them come back around to principle. Many of the principles of the Republican party of old I agreed with. Like getting government to the size it can be drowned in a bath tub. What the GOP is now is not something I care for. John McCain said something last night along the lines of "we were sent to reform the government and we ended up becoming it".

What this election showed is that two can play the stupid social wedge issue game. I don't know why so many Democrats are so pumped about this election to be honest. Socially conservative Democrats were elected. While it puts the liberals in charge the liberals need to be conscious of their new base. Social conservativism is the future of the Democratic Party. Writing is on the wall.

Cato said...

Although I will admit, I too was happy when ther Republicans first gained control. Happy when they kept control. Unhappy when I saw the results: social conservatives had sacrificed principles for power. I think you may end up the same way. Maybe not though.

AndyRand said...

The way I see it. The Bush administration became the mechanism for wealth redistribution from the middle class to the wealthy class that had admin. connections. Halliburton, etc. How much has been given to Becktel etc to rebuild Iraq? There's nothing rebuilt. If I were in the Guard or had family that was Man would I be pissed. There were civilians making 6 figures driving empty trucks around to build up their milage reports,while guardmen were dying for oil, they still are.
I'm a FDR democrat so, I'm happy as can be. I'm just hoping Dems can finish the job and get the Senate too. I was never happy with Republican Rule. I think that's over
for quite a while thanks to Bush.
Maybe I should thank him.

AndyRand said...

I might have voted for Kinky Friedman though!

666 said...


You comments on Democrats and social conservatism ring an interesting note. Last week I was listening to WPR on the way to work and they were doing an unscientific pole to see who people would vote for governor.

There were a handful of callers that pointed out the they were pro-life Democrats. I have seen a shift towards more moderate stances in the local Democratic parties with the point being expressed that "I don't have to favor abortion to be a Democrat."

Likewise on the conceal-and-carry and gun related issues. The NRA trash line is that the Democrats are trying to take away your guns and hunting rights. I've yet to find evidence of this in the local parties or hear this talked about in the national debates. In fact, there a a vocal minority of local Democrats who don't oppose conceal-and-carry. Some I know voted for all Democrats but Doyle be he vetoed that bill.